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Welcome to the Virtalis Blog…

Welcome to the Virtalis Blog…

Only a few years ago, the longevity of VR was much derided.  Perhaps because the hype came before the technology was mature enough to be anything other than an expensive play thing for Board Rooms and glossy company HQs.

Virtalis has kept the faith through these “wilderness years” and is delighted to see that more people than ever before in more industries than ever before, recognise the power of VR.  The ubiquity of 3D films and the widespread use of gaming consoles like the Wii are, in no small measure, responsible for the increase in acceptance of the technology.  Companies and universities have usually invested a great deal of time and money into creating their data and there is no more advanced, intuitive or valuable way of experiencing it than by deploying the VR techniques that have taken so many years to refine.

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