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Virtalis Supports Kilimanjaro Bid

Virtalis Supports Kilimanjaro Bid

Virtalis’ senior 3D graphic artist, Tim Goodwin, is to form part of a team with its sights set on conquering Mount Kilimanjaro this July.

Tim and his Group are climbing in aid of Cancer Research and Virtalis has pledged £1,000 to get Tim’s fundraising off to a flying start.  Tim’s Group is taking on the Marangu route to the summit which takes the intrepid climber through forest, moorland, alpine desert, stone scree and, finally, the ice-capped summit itself!

“Everyone’s been touched by cancer”, said Tim, “so whilst this adventure fulfils a decade long dream of mine, as a team we are glad to do our part to aid cancer research.  I think the biggest hardship will be dealing with the altitude but I am looking forward to the challenge, camaraderie and achievement that comes with the climb.  I am hiking as much as I can to prepare for the rigours ahead.”

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