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Virtalis Expands its Development Team

Virtalis Expands its Development Team

C++ PROGRAMMING lies at the heart of much of Virtual Reality (VR) development and Virtalis’ world renowned Development Team is largely composed of gifted C++ programmers.

The latest to join is Joseph Laycock, 23, who holds a degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Computer Graphics Programming, both from Hull University.  “All the 3D visualisation I’ll be doing at Virtalis really draws on my Masters Degree, but because Virtalis is always pushing at the boundaries of VR, there is guaranteed to be something new on the go.  Currently, I am compiling a height map file for Visionary Render software and I know I have other, completely different, projects to get involved in once that is complete.”

Joseph lives in Chorlton, which must seem quite mundane after his experiences travelling last summer.  On one memorable and exhausting day, after five hours paragliding, Joseph and his friends climbed Mt. Fuji, through the night, in order to experience the famed sunrise.


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