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Virtalis Launches its own Range of Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtalis Launches its own Range of Virtual Reality Glasses

The Virtalis range of active Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses for stereoscopic viewing has just been launched. Known as ActiveWorks 3D, they are the result of two decade’s experience distilled to create a design that is ideal for today’s immersive stereoscopic environments.

ActiveWorks with NGTAndy Connell, the Virtalis Technical Director, has had direct input into the design. The ActiveWorks 3D range differs from others available because they incorporate all of these features:

•    Deeper lenses to facilitate a greater feeling of immersion
•    Lightweight for long term wearability
•    Latest LCD technology for brighter 3D images
•    Lowest ghosting for improved stereo effect
•    Replaceable COTS battery with ultra low power consumption
•    Smart synchronising
•    Foldable arm and fixed arm formats

The Virtalis VR Glasses are not only compatible with all the company’s VR installations around the world, they are also compatible with all the 3D cinema systems currently available too. The Virtalis Systems Team has placed the ActiveWorks 3D range under a rigorous test programme to ensure they are both reliable and not prone to interference.

Extra features have been added, such as a low power sensor and compatibility with a wide range of emitters to aid communication with the VR system’s projectors. 

“We are very excited about ActiveWorks 3D.  We are confident that, thanks to our know-how, they are the best VR glasses available in the world today”
, said Connell.

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