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Virtalis Wins £375k Contract from Keele University

Virtalis Wins £375k Contract from Keele University

Virtalis has just won a tender from Keele University to design, install and provide training for a four sided ActiveCube.

The system will boast three rear projected walls, with a front-projected floor, forming a multi-sided Virtual Reality (VR) system. The contract is worth £375k and is HEFCE-funded. Virtalis will also be supplying Virtools software from Dassault Systèmes, as well as its own GeoVisionary software and its recently launched VR enablement of PyMOL software.

Stephen Chapman, Professor of Prescribing Studies and Head of the School of Pharmacy, explained: “Our pharmacy training system, which features computer generated characters to help our students both communicate and prescribe in a number of scenarios, deserved more than 2D animation if it was to be a believable experience. Specifically, it needed to be immersive.  Once we saw the power of VR, we saw we could do much more, so that now we plan to develop a series of virtual activities, both clinical and technical, to allow our students to practise in a virtual environment.

The Virtalis ActiveCube will feature Christie Digital projectors and uses InterSense wireless tracking technology, enabling the users to move around unfettered, with their view points within the virtual world updating in real time.

Keele University pharmacy lab“Virtalis is going to help us migrate the software we’ve already created to work within the ActiveCube environment,” said Luke Bracegirdle, IT Development Director within the School of Pharmacy. “Our system will be much more flexible than traditional environments that employ actors, thanks to the plethora of scenarios we can develop from our library of animations.  The fact that the ActiveCube provides lifelike peripheral vision makes it much more personal and convincing than most VR systems deployed. The additional Virtalis developed software will be a terrific bonus for the Chemistry and Geology Departments and Virtalis’ software knowledge puts them head and shoulders above the rest. Virtalis’ knowledgebase is all devoted to making VR systems usable on a daily basis rather than merely supplying equipment. They have put a tremendous amount of effort into creating a design that works best in the restricted space we have available, for example.”

“This is a very gratifying contract win for us,” commented David Cockburn-Price, Virtalis’ MD.  “We have now won all of the multi-sided VR systems put out to tender this year.  This means the ActiveCube has become the market leader just months after its launch mid last year.”

Watch this video on how Keele are using their ActiveCube


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