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Virtalis to Embrace the new NVIDIA Quadro Card

Virtalis to Embrace the new NVIDIA Quadro Card

27th JULY saw the launch of a new range of NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions based on the Fermi GF100 architecture.

Hailed by NVIDIA as the best Quadro ever, offering 5x faster performance, Virtalis’ developers are desperate to get their techie hands on the new cards!

The five times faster performance will enable the Virtalis Development Team to produce even higher quality rendering, especially of CAD geometry, so should prove to be a significant advance. This means that Virtalis customers like CNH could now possibly be able to load an entire range of tractors all at once, rather than just a single vehicle, as at present.  This will enable customers to compare products in rich, realistic virtual environments.

The new Quadro range boasts that it is the “largest single system desktop, with up to eight displays driving 36 megapixels”.  This feature will revolutionise Virtalis’ approach to multiple projector blends for its ActiveCube and ActiveWall systems, as it should allow large, complex systems to be driven off a single graphics card.

Richard Davies, Development Team Leader at Virtalis, explained: “Three enhanced features under Application Acceleration Tools really stand out for me. The first is PhysX, which now boasts a 3DS Max plug in and will enable us to develop software like GeoVisionary quicker, giving better results at the same time.  The second is SceniX. This promises to allow us to create a flexible rendering framework that will help us to analyse 3D data and its results in real time.  Finally, CgFX, which we have used before in an earlier incarnation, should further enhance realism across all our hardware platforms.”

To coincide with the release of the new Quadro range NVIDIA also launched the 3D Vision Pro, a true stereoscopic 3D experience built with the professional in mind. 3D Vision Pro enables the user to create stunning and realistic 3D environments, enabling real-time, collaborative decision making.


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