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Computers to Become Sensory Portals

Computers to Become Sensory Portals

VIRTALIS, the leading Virtual Reality (VR) company, and Freeform Studios have joined forces in a new venture to form Touch And Discover Systems.

Drawing on Virtalis’ skills in haptics, or virtual touch, and Freeform Studios’ creative experience in using Haptic 3D modelling systems, Touch And Discover Systems is aiming to have a groundbreaking prototype product developed by this summer.

Christopher Dean, the Founder of Touch And Discover Systems, explained: “We learn about objects and the 3D environment around us by using our senses of touch and vision. Computers are flawed, because we can only access them via 2D filters such as keyboard and mouse. In the future, when we want to work with or learn about 3D objects, Touch And Discover Systems will make it possible to do this by engaging our sense of touch within a 3D computer environment. We expect that future educators, students, designers and creatives will use our systems to explore how 3D form, craft and production technologies have evolved and changed our world.”

“Haptics have long featured as an intriguing add-on to our higher end systems and in VR labs,” explained David Cockburn-Price, Virtalis MD. “Although the technology is mature, applications have been few. Cost effective haptics systems have tended to lack ruggedness and durability. However, in forming Touch And Discover Systems, we are convinced we can deliver an intuitive, reliable system that will bring haptics into the mainstream.”

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