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Virtalis Recruits Digital Nomad

Virtalis Recruits Digital Nomad

Ian originally trained as an architect and has had a career working on high profile projects for some very well known names in 3D and VR, including Superscape, Lego, Nortel and Thales.

“I am pleased to take on this wide ranging role, which encompasses 3D modelling, producing product manuals and training material and taking an objective look at how the company visually presents itself to potential customers”, said Ian. My career looks diverse, but in fact it has been underpinned by a core of thinking spatially and a love of writing since my architecture days.”

Describing himself as a “digital nomad” and a “conceptual thinker”, Ian’s background in CAD and flight simulation has given him ideal skills for Virtalis, explained Andrew Connell, Virtalis Technical Director. “The number of people in the world with his level of experience would be very small indeed.”

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