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Virtalis Provides 3D Visualisation for Quicksilver Team

Virtalis Provides 3D Visualisation for Quicksilver Team

VIRTALIS is providing advanced visualisation expertise to the Quicksilver Team, which aims to challenge the World Water Speed Record in 2012. The record, which stands at 317.60 mph is held by Australia and has not been held by Britain for over 40 years.

Nigel Macknight, Quicksilver’s Driver, explained: “Structural design work and construction are the team’s ongoing preoccupations.  Naturally, our engineering team comprises many diverse specialisms and the difference made by seeing our designs in 3D has been astounding. Andrew Connell, Virtalis’ Technical Director, has created some stunning models that should inspire people from a non-engineering background too, increasing our support base. Paul McColl, Virtalis’ Engineering Specialist, has brought one of Virtalis’ portable ActiveMove VR systems to our most recent meetings so that everyone was able to share Quicksilver’s current iteration in 3D. It proved to be a communication catalyst”

Virtalis’ ActiveMove systems are a range of new, cost effective, portable, interactive 3D visualisation systems that set the industry benchmark for both price and performance. The ActiveMove Lite system comprises an active, stereoscopic High Definition, single-chip DLP projector, with a rear projection wide screen, PC or laptop and eyewear, with an option for head and hand tracking.

QS-open-water-frt-2009Virtalis used PTC DIVISION MockUp combined with Virtalis Visionary software to create a Virtual Reality (VR) model that is capable of growing as Quicksilver’s level of detail increases. Andrew Connell, explained: “We can load much larger datasets than was ever previously possible. Our software allows the world’s largest CAD models to be loaded in one go while still using standard PC architecture. We are proud to be able to share both our hardware and software with the Quicksilver team, helping them to shorten their design cycle and enhance their marketing. They are a truly inspiring group of people who deserve to smash the World Water Speed Record!”


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