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Virtalis ActiveCube for Dun Laoghaire IADT

Virtalis ActiveCube for Dun Laoghaire IADT

DUN LAOGHAIRE Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) has been awarded funding from Enterprise Ireland (EI) Research Equipment Grant Call. Following an EU Tendering Process, IADT has ordered an ActiveCube, a three-sided rear projected with a front-projected floor, multi directional Virtual Reality (VR) system from Virtalis.

The new system, which will be one of the most advanced in Ireland, will be a central component of the Psychology of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence module on the MSc in Cyberpsychology. It will be used on other Programmes in the Institute: Animation, Digital Media, Film and Television Production, Multimedia and Visual Arts. It will also be available to other researchers and organisations outside of IADT.

Dr. Gráinne Kirwan, Programme Co-ordinator MSc in Cyberpsychology, explained: “IADT has a mixture of programmes – some are multimedia focused, some psychology, some business and humanities and some in creative arts. As such, we wanted to install a system with high resolution screens, and which allowed for easy interaction with the environment, so that experimental work could be completed, but also so that users could interact with virtual artistic works. The Virtalis ActiveCube was chosen, as we wanted the option of having multiple users interacting within an environment, with as high a degree of realism as possible. Virtalis provided a detailed specification of the system to be provided, and had obviously taken great care to consider our requirements when designing the system.”

Virtalis’ ActiveCube is four sided, comprising three walls and a floor, with images projected using Christie Mirage S+3k projectors. Both it and the WorldViz software are powered by a Dell Precision Cluster. The ActiveCube’s environment will be tracked using the WorldViz optical PPT (Precision Position Tracking) Tracking System. Virtalis will complete the installation and integration work and handover the system before the new academic term starts in early September. Virtalis is partnering with WorldViz for this installation.

Dr. Kirwan continued: “The ActiveCube will allow IADT staff and students to complete research in realistic VR environments, and this realism is essential to good psychological research. It allows for a completely controlled environment – every participant in the research will experience exactly the same stimuli, which greatly improves the reliability of the study. We expect that our ActiveCube will make the IADT an even more attractive option for potential students.”

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