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New VR Specialist for Virtalis Inc.

New VR Specialist for Virtalis Inc.

Virtual Reality Company, Virtalis, is growing its Ohio-based staff just months after setting up in the US. David Cockburn-Price, Virtalis MD, explains: “We are delighted to welcome David Blacklock to work closely with Kalen Gordon in the central US state of Ohio. David is a perfect fit for us. He has high level experience of much of our technology, including tracking and the installation of immersive display systems and 3D caves, both of which represent growing areas of business for us.”

David Blacklock explained: “I am genuinely excited to have been offered this opportunity with a Company that, though well established in Europe, is building its presence in the US. I believe a young company like Virtalis, bringing genuinely new technology to the US, could provide me with a real opportunity for career advancement.

“A couple of years ago, I was given sole responsibility to install a complete turnkey system in Abu Dhabi. This two channel, 3D stereo, active projection system was the most complex system I have ever worked on. It was designed to enable the viewing of geological data in 3D. Having seen GeoVisionary and with our first installation at the Geological Survey of Illinois scheduled to take place, I feel that this career highlight could well be topped quite soon. I have a thirst for technology and believe I have stumbled upon the perfect Company for me – I will get to see the very latest in advanced visualisation before almost anyone else!”

Until Virtalis opened up its subsidiary earlier this year, the US lacked a 3D visualisation company that offered both hardware and software expertise. Virtalis is able to offer turnkey installations across a range of sectors just like it does in the UK and is currently assembling an array of US-based demo kit. As more and more sectors, including defence, R&D, academia and engineering, use 3D visualisation as a routine tool, Virtalis Inc. should find itself well placed to take advantage of a growing market.

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