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Virtalis Brings Stealth Mouse to the UK

Virtalis Brings Stealth Mouse to the UK

The Stealth Mouse is the world’s finest mouse, developed especially for mapping, and has been brought to the UK by Virtalis, Europe’s leading Virtual Reality (VR) company.

David Hendon, Virtalis’s Product Specialist, explained: “These intuitive mice look like the computing equivalent of a Stealth Bomber, which is presumably how they got their name. Our early adopters, Ordnance Survey, have found them rugged, essential pieces of kit, because unlike other mice, which only have x and y co-ordinates, the Stealth Mouse is able to offer z too, enabling true 3D working.”

Underpinning the Stealth Mouse is an Optical Mouse Mechanism that provides fast, high-resolution, accurate pointing. Its futuristic looks belie a comfortable grip, which has been ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. The mouse has an optical XY motion sensor, a high-resolution Z wheel and 10 buttons. The standard Stealth 3D Mouse has two thumb buttons above the Z-wheel. Offering 31 functions, its 10 high quality, Swiss-made buttons are rated at 10 million cycles.

Paul Davis, Photogrammetric Services, Ordnance Survey GB, commented: “The Stealth Mouse S2 and S1 units have been in our production area for nearly two years now, taking over from our old 3D capture devices. They have been well received and proven to be reliable, easy to configure and comfortable to use. The accuracy of the unit is suited for fine detail and the change from ball to laser sensors is an improvement over the older technology and reduces the need for continual maintenance.”

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