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Virtalis Recruits Specialist Product Programmer

Virtalis Recruits Specialist Product Programmer

VIRTALIS has just recruited Barry King, 31, to fulfil a senior programming role in the Company’s famous Development Team, which is responsible for some of the world’s most ground breaking Virtual Reality (VR) projects.

Barry has a string of advanced computer products to his name and specialises in exploiting the often unused power of computers in unusual ways. He has developed methods to compress and stream computer graphics in real-time over the Internet, created his own video editing software and was instrumental in a team that produced a forerunner to iTunes.

Barry is married and lives in the Huyton area of Liverpool. He explained: “Much of my time here is being spent on GeoVisionary, the 3D landscape visualisation product that we expect to finish before Christmas. I am cleaning up and documenting the code base and analysing what can be improved or reused.”

David Cockburn-Price, Virtalis’ MD, commented: “We used to be best known for our blue chip VR projects and our large scale 3D stereoscopic installations. Now, we are beginning to raid our formidable back catalogue of Intellectual Property to develop and market a series of market specific VR products. GeoVisionary, which will be available in early 2009, has already attracted interest from all over the world, so we need talented, senior chaps like Barry to help us fine tune these products to enable us to bring them to market.”

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