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Virtalis appoints Non-Executive Chairman

Virtalis appoints Non-Executive Chairman

A pioneering international businessman who has helped bring cutting edge technologies to market has become the new Non-Executive Chairman at The Virtalis Group. Glyn Read has worked with companies whose technology later became better known to us as the Internet and Data Analytics, and he now plans to bring his experience and influence to bear on Virtual Reality (VR).

“The future surely belongs to VR”, explained Glyn, “because the key to both business, scientific and technological advancement is being able to understand massive volumes of data. The 3D visualisation I’ve experienced at Virtalis has blown me away and I believe the team there holds the key to helping people understand fully what is happening, so they can react in the best way possible. This new role is a wonderful opportunity for me to evangelise about the power of VR.”

Glyn Read replaces Tom O’Brien, who served as chairman for three years and is now leaving Glyn Read is the new Non-Executive Chairman of Virtalis to take up a senior post within the Army Reserves. Manchester based, Virtalis is Europe’s leading VR company and enjoys a commanding global reputation, underpinned by a distinguished track record for delivering quality human-system interface solutions to industrial, commercial, medical, military, cultural and educational sectors. Virtalis is building on its past R&D successes with a range of products that enhance applications by bringing the power of 3D or virtual touch. Soon after its buyout in 2003, Virtalis launched StereoWorks, a unique, affordable and portable 3D stereoscopic projection system. This has been followed by a wide range of product launches, including Helicopter Crew Reality, StereoServer, MockUp Cluster and GeoVisionary. In addition, the company has recently announced a series of new partnerships and relationships with other market-leading, innovative companies, such as those behind the Haptic Cow and Virtual Radiotherapy Training.

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