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Virtalis’ Fully Tracked Display a First for PTC World

Virtalis’ Fully Tracked Display a First for PTC World

The VIRTALIS booth at the European PTC World events in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 14th November and at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire, UK on 18th November will be different from all other previous Virtalis exhibition displays. One will feature full tracking, enabling those viewing the stereoscopic 3D models to get a greater sense of reality. Not only will their view of the model alter according to their own movements in front of the screen but they will also be able to reach out and touch the data.

The European PTC World Tour includes presentations from PTC, customers, as well as technology and business tracks and is open to all its users.

Virtalis is a Gold Partner of PTC and created and installed the 3D advanced visualisation system at PTC’s Corporate Visit Center at the Company’s HQ in Needham, Massachusetts, USA.


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