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Viking Joins Virtalis

Viking Joins Virtalis

THE Development Team at Europe’s leading VR company, Virtalis, has just recruited a Viking as a development engineer.

In fact, John Donovan is only a part time re-enactment Viking, as he pursues his other passion, computing, the rest of the time.  “I have loved computing since the age of seven”, he explained, “and I am entirely self taught. I have always been interested in 3D and VR and, with a career background in gaming, I knew my skills would be of use in this much more specialised and challenging sphere.”

Richard Davies, Virtalis Development Team Manager, commented: “With his excellent C++ programming skills and his experience of mapping, thanks to an earlier role at the Ordinance Survey, I am certain John will be a great asset to us.  Indeed, we have put him straight to work enhancing the functionality of our new product, GeoVisionary. GeoVisionary enables the visualisation of landscape data to be rendered in real time in 3D – everyone who has had a preview so far has been blown away.”



Photo Courtesy of David Dixon, 2007

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