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Virtalis System to be Used in Oil and Gas Research at Royal Holloway, University of London

Virtalis System to be Used in Oil and Gas Research at Royal Holloway, University of London

With a top research rating of 5, The Department of Geology at Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) is at the forefront of research into the geology of sedimentary basins, tectonics and environmental geology. The Department’s new 3D visualisation suite now boasts a Virtalis StereoWorks system, as well as impressive suites of dedicated software.

The high resolution System delivers front projected, passive stereo and features Evo II lightweight projectors. This installation comes hot on the heels of The British Geological Survey’s second Virtalis StereoWorks implementation in its Scottish base.

An RHUL user looks at 3D geological structures with a Virtalis 3D stereoscopic projected image in the backgroundDr. Chris Elders, Course Director, RHUL students look at 3D geological structures using a Virtalis 3D stereoscopic projection systemexplained: “The StereoWorks System will help us to analyse seismic data as a lot of our research is really about understanding how geological structures evolved in the way they did. Being able to view this data in 3D will help us to better understand where hydrocarbons accumulate and why. One of our acknowledged research strengths is analogue modelling, in which layers of sand are deformed to recreate geological structures. We have recently developed the capability to laser scan these models, so now we will be able to view them in 3D. This capability will be of great significance in the large oil and gas industry sponsored project upon which we are about to embark where we will be analysing the detailed structure of hydrocarbon reservoirs. The knowledge gleaned should help improve the efficiency of recovery and decrease drilling costs, giving environmental and financial benefits. Virtalis has a good track record and have designed a very practical system for us, which is virtually “plug in and use”.”

RHUL’s new Virtalis system is also expected to be extensively used in its “virtual fieldwork” where research is carried out using Digital Elevation Data overlain by satellite images to show the distribution of different exposed rock types. This allows study of remote areas that are otherwise difficult to visit. With this data, a 3D model can be created. Virtual Reality is seen by Dr. Elders and his colleagues as an ideal way of bringing such models to life for students and researchers alike.

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