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Cross-functional and cross-value chain collaboration is limited by organisational and data silos. Everyone works within their own frame of reference leading to confusion, repetition and rework.


Virtalis connects structured and unstructured data from multiple environments (CAD, PLM, MES) so that colleagues, partners and suppliers can collaborate on complex projects using a common visual language. Better connection means better collaboration and better decisions, more quickly.



Some of the most complex projects use immersive visualisation to simplify and connect. Designers speak the same language as manufacturers and trainers, sales and marketing teams can work alongside buyers and focus groups, while lecturers are able to demonstrate complex ideas to their students in 3D. People using our tools and techniques have generated proven tangible and intangible benefits, whilst reducing risk.

Offshore oil & gas


“Visionary Render has enabled us to quickly and effectively visualise our designs at all stages of the product life cycle. Our design teams who have experienced Visionary Render’s immersive environment also see the value of large-scale visualisation for cross-disciplinary initiatives. For our purposes, there are two stand-out features in the software: Visionary Render can integrate 3D data from just about any CAD format, meaning we can incorporate models from our internal teams as well as our supply chain; and it is interactive at the component and assembly levels, making the virtual environment realistic and dynamic during design reviews.”

Dan Gale, lead of Raytheon’s IDC in Andover

Rolls Royce

“Our engineers come up with more ideas than they would in 2D because they clearly see the obstacles they face and what needs to be done to overcome them. As a result, we are integrating Visionary Render into our business processes, including product familiarisation, factory planning and the creation of assembly sequence instructions for fitters.”

Prof. Dr Marius Swoboda, Head of Physical, Computational and Design Sciences at Rolls-Royce


“The fact that will surprise most people is that we, in some cases, find VR better than reality for the verification of designs.  We’ve been able to do away with physical geometry and, in so doing, rectify errors at an earlier stage than ever before and communicate with more people in a more understandable way. Visionary Render has enabled us to have efficient, technical communication unaffected by distance.”

Allan Molbech, VR administrator

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