Activating your Software Portal account

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In January 2021 we launched our new software portal for downloading new releases of our software.

To get access to your software downloads you need to be invited by a member of the support team - if you have not already received your invitation please request access in a support ticket.

Your invite will look like this, with some details specific to you:

Redeeming your invitation is a two-step process:

  1. Create an account using the link in the invitation email
    Note the "Sign up now" link in the image below underlined in red
  1. Enter your details. You may be asked to send a verification code to validate your email address. This is not the same as the invite code. You do not have to use the same email address that the invitation was sent to, but an invitation can only be redeemed once.
  1. Enter the invite code
    Once you have created an account securely, you will be returned to the software portal to complete your registration
  1. Enter the email address and invite code from the invitation email

You will then be taken to the file listing where you can download any software that is available to you.

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