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Better, smarter, and more informed decisions

Immersive environments stimulate communication and collaboration between departments, facilitating better, smarter, and more informed decisions. The technology behind ActiveMove has formed a significant part of our technology for over a decade and remained one of our most sought-after products.

Its popularity is unsurprising: as it offers a fully transportable comprehensive virtual overview of a product or project. The latest update features best-in-class technology integrated into a sleek, cost-effective and fully portable package. It can be quickly and efficiently assembled for presentations, marketing events, training workshops or design reviews.

A fully immersive and interactive virtual environment

In ActiveMove systems, data can not only be visualised in stereoscopic 3D but also visualised as fully immersive and interactive virtual environments. The hand-held controller(s) can allow the experience to be enhanced further still – the user can navigate through the virtual world, interacting with and manipulating component parts in real-time, and making decisions informed by their exploration.

As stated, this solution is fully mobile. ActiveMove ships in a single flight case, and can be easily taken on the road; locally or globally. Efficient to set up and implement, in under one hour, and taking just twenty minutes to pack away, the speed and efficiency of installing ActiveMove for your organisation cannot be overstated. ActiveMove is additionally fully collaborative with other Virtalis ActiveWorks systems.

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