ACTIVEWALL is an installed, immersive, interactive 3D visualisation system that is the industry benchmark for both price and performance. ACTIVEWALL is Virtalis’ best selling interactive 3D visualisation system and probably the best selling VR system in the world. You can find them all over the globe and they are as popular with academics as with industry. They are scalable, easily upgradable and our users consider them extremely cost effective to run and virtually future proof.


ACTIVEWALL draws on active stereo technology and features a custom screen, specialist computer, Virtalis custom software and powerful projectors. Movements within the ACTIVEWALL environment are tracked using a tracking system. The user can navigate through the virtual world, pick and manipulate component parts in real-time and make decisions on the fly.

Additionally, an ACTIVEWALL can be linked to other ACTIVEWORKS systems so that remotely located participants can interact together simultaneously in the virtual scene.

“Our ActiveWall in Belgium is so intuitive to use, there is no need for a dedicated VR expert to run it. The technology's accessibility allows our users to work hands-on. With the help of Virtalis' design expertise and high-level components, CNH is able to dedicate time to the important goal of world class design and productivity."
Kezhun Li, Head of Digital Prototyping and Simulation at CNH, an agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer

A variant of the ACTIVEWALL is the ACTIVECURVE, which has an even greater sense of immersion thanks to its wrap around 3D images.

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